Tuesday, June 19, 2007

X-Boxes and X-Factors

The computers are back up and running on the International Space StationShuttle Atlantis is scheduled to un-dock and begin its return to earth for Thursday’s landing.

I know how those guys must’ve felt.
Happens to us all the time.
No confirmation from NASA that the next Shuttle mission might include extra, updated computers for the ISS…in the form of X-Boxes.

The Senate is going to use a Clay Pigeon to revive the failed immigration reform legislation…by splitting up complex legislation into individual components, and then calling for individual votes on each element, lawmakers hope to pass changes in the law. Dick Cheney’s trigger finger is already twitching…

Don’t look for any break in the Middle East…10,000 more troops have launched a fresh offensive in Iraq…and 300 new recruits of Al Qaida have been dispatched as suicide bombers, seeking targets of opportunity in the West.
Iran, meanwhile, is promising to use oil as a weapon, should tensions escalate with the US over its nuclear ambitions. Iran's OPEC governor, Hossein Kazempour Ardebili predicts oil prices north of $100 as a result.

I've long believed the solution to those troubles could be achieved economically.
By creating a demand for nuclear fuel, thus diminishing demand for oil, a balance might be achieved, while creating cheaper methods of power generation.

Iran says that's all they're doing with their nuclear program, but they've still got to prove that to the rest of the world, especially the US. News last week that Iran was supplying arms to insurgents in Iraq did not bolster their credibility.

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