Wednesday, June 20, 2007

By the Numbers

If the stock market is reflective of a strong economy, and that's what all the analysts are telling us--the economy is holding up well--then how do you explain the counterveiling mood among 7 in 10 Americans that the economy sucks, stuff costs more to buy, and if you had to find a new, good job, you couldn't?

The folks at the Gallup Poll are reinforcing the cliche that the rich are getting richer , while most Americans aren't feeling the love from a shared growth in our economy. Despite low unemployment and soaring stocks, Gallup says only one in three Americans rate the economy today as either excellent or good, while the percentage saying the economy is getting better fell from 28% to 23% in one month.

This 70%-negative rating is up 10 points since April. Also, just in the past month, there has been a significant five-point drop, from 28% to 23%, in the percentage saying conditions are getting better.What’s the most pressing financial problem most families face today? Healthcare costs, lack of money or low wages, and oil and gas prices…

"Healthcare costs are mentioned by 16% of Americans while 13% say low wages and 11% say oil and gas prices," say the Gallupers, "these percentages are virtually unchanged from last month."

Meanwhile, in Gotham City, Hizzoner Michael Bloomberg has dropped a bombshell on the Republican Party by disavowing his membership, thus clearing the path for an independent run for the White House next year…
Hmmm…another three-way horse race in November ’08.
Who’s the spoiler?

Sen. Hillary Clinton is such a jokester... spoofing the final episode of "The Sopranos" in a video telling supporters the winner of the anthem search for her 2008 presidential campaign.
Survey said: Celine Dion's "You and I."

Only the Clinton announcement video doesn’t quite tell you everything…which is typical of the Senator from New York. It's really a pitch for campaign donations, and then routes you to another site for the winning theme.

Celine Dion's song was a write-in, but got the most of the more than 200,000 votes cast, beating out "I'm a Believer" by Smash Mouth, "Beautiful Day" by U2 and Shania Twain's "Rock This Country!"
My money was on Pink Floyd’s “Us and Them.”

Voting on a campaign theme song…a little like keeping up with your Radio listening habits for some survey: Who has the time? And what’s even more troubling, the results are generated by people who don’t have anything better to do.

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