Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fathers' Day Salute to My Dad

One of my earliest memories of my father is as a high school band director, standing on a riser at Grob Stadium, at what was then Spring Branch High School, a real-life leader of the band.

The Leader of the Band: Gerald Clanton
As a small child, I got to ride on the Band Bus to all the football games, and sit on the bleachers in front of the band--feeling the pulse of the drum section, and drinking-in the richness of that big, brass and woodwind sound.

Dad also took me to symphony concerts when Jones Hall was still new.

Dad's life was music then...and now, at he continues to teach young students how to blow their first notes on a horn, or to tweak their embouchure for the best tonality. The gift of music was also passed to me, and whether it's a drum corps, a marching band or a symphony orchestra...I think of my Dad, and thank him for his influence, and providing me with a sweet soundtrack for my life.

Happy Father's Day, Dad.