Wednesday, June 06, 2007

It is What it Is

Continuing the theme of the enemy of my enemy is my friend, long-time antagonists Iran and the Taliban are apparently strange bedfellows indeed, in a common goal of making life for the US in the Middle East as inhospitable as possible.

The State Department is about a half-inch away from saying Iran’s been shipping C4 explosives and heavy arms to the Taliban for use against NATO troops in Afghanistan.

Why not just say it?

This pre-campaign series of presidential debates and the issues of who is going to appear or not appear on which ever network…a very telling trait, and should be a warning flag. You must understand that regardless of who shows up, and who stays away, it’s not about getting the positions and platforms out in front of the people…it’s about ratings for the networks.

Interesting to note that the public is not being too fooled: FOX Network’s regular news programming beat out the most recent so-called Republican debate on CNN…

Here's an interesting concept to fathom: If everyone in a democracy chooses to not participate in the process, is it still a democracy?

And notice what FOX News guru Roger Ailes had to say about the debates: "The Candidates who can’t face Fox News can’t face Al Quaeda." Sounds like he's campaigning a little, himself.

In Philadelphia, the Red Cross is running a promotion to give away gasoline in return for blood donations. Ironic, since many of us already feel like we’re being asked to squeeze blood from a turnip to fill our tanks…

Donors this summer will be entered in a drawing to win $3,500 worth of gasoline, which at the rate things are going, by the end of Summer, should be about enough for a couple of tanks full.

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