Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tech-less Thursday

"He who lives by the computer, dies by the computer."
I don’t know who said it…maybe no one.

If no one did, I say it.

(4:45am: BizRadioNetwork Broadcasting Complex & Deli)
We’re flying on VFR (Visual Flight Rules) this morning—no internet, no e-mail, no instant message.
Call it Connectile Dysfunction.

If you need to get a message to us, you’re going to have to use that archaic method of calling us up on the phone at 877-777-77-13…or dropping a note off at the front door and poking it through the mail slot.

We’ll actually open the door for food. Comfort-food this morning, please; we’re having digital withdrawals.

I can’t tell you what market futures are doing right now, because I can’t see them. I presume the DAX is up and running…unless, of course, they’re tied in some bizarre way to our network, which has regrettably, spectacularly, failed this morning.

Yesterday the Dow took a 146-point dump on Wall Street…ending the day at 13,489. Who knows—maybe our server was doing day trading on the side, sustained a loss, and is in shock this morning. No, that wouldn’t be it. The server, were the server to trade independently from its assigned task of keeping our internet running, the server would trade the NASDAQ, most likely.

NASDA lost 26-points, closing at 2599…
The S&P 500 lost nearly 21-points to close at 1512.

I think there’s collusion between our computer network and United Airlines’ computer system, which grounded flights for 2-hours yesterday. United says things should be back to normal today.
Lucky them.

I hope our technician isn’t on a United flight.
If you can read this, we got it fixed.

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