Friday, June 01, 2007

Quips and Clips from Behind the Scenes

My producer, Buddy Cantu, and I were horsing around during the break.

In the aftermath of my endorsement of the Berkley Eye Lasik procedure, I mused that there is a whole other market opportunity for such medical miracles in Buddy’s native land to the south.

Verbally sparring with Spanglishized titles, we created a franchise of Lasik clinics that could be branded Eye Eye Eye Eye.

A nanosecond later we both noticed the obvious pun in the markee:
Four eyes.

I think there’s potential there.
We could place them next door to my other medical franchise brainchild, the self-service surgical suites I’d call “Suture Self.”

Yeah, we’re real cut-ups behind the scenes.

"Buddy-in-the-Booth" Cantu, on the job


LasikExpert said...

Combine the two and you can have do-it-yourself Lasik. Whoops, that's already gone.

Yes, somebody has created a Lasik-At-Home device. Yours for only $99.95 (per eye).

Of course it is a hoax (see our Lasik At Home hoax article for details), but a rather funny one with a well presented website.

Glenn Hagele

Brent Clanton said...

Thanks, Glen. Guess we'll have to keep a lid on that. (Sorry, couldn't resist!)