Monday, June 11, 2007

Kibbles and Bits

Ooh Ooh---news gathering scoop of the year: Barbara Walters has talked with Paris Hilton in Jail. I hope she wasn’t on the clock for that colossal waste of time.
Sorry—I just don’t fathom what anything Paris Hilton could possibly say that would have any meaning or bearing whatsoever on the future path of mankind on this planet. All that mind-numbing media coverage last week was just a waste of electrons.

Interesting story from Hot Springs, Arkansas, where an amusement park ride stranded riders upside down during a power failure. Several amusing postings to the article… including the usual comments about Arkansas and the advent of electricity in that region…

For those of you who were watching in Arkansas last night when the power went out, we won’t spill the beans (Leotardo's out) on the finale of The Sopranos, but the ending left the door open for a great made-for-TV Movie.
Oh, wait—The Sopranos WAS made for TV…

Wyeth Laboratories has tasked more than 350 scientists exclusively to Alzheimer’s research, with 23 separate projects for medicines underway to possibly treat the disease. CEO Robert Essner thinks Alzheimer’s should receive the same attention that AIDS got during the 1980s and 1990s, when a concerted effort of government and private industry researchers tackled the disease.
I agree.
It's tragic when a mother can't recognize her own daughter who's providing care...when a son provides for a stranger living in the body of his father.
Indescribably tragic.

Meanwhile in Russia, researchers are looking at Dimebon, an antihistamine, which is showing promise as an Alzheimer’s treatment. I used to take Dimetane and Dimetapp in High School for my allergies. My friends thought I had Alzheimer's when I was on that stuff…

Google is getting poor marks for privacy practices considered to be the worst among the Internet's top destinations… Privacy International gave Google the lowest possible rating for practicing "comprehensive consumer surveillance and [having] entrenched hostility to privacy."
Wonder if Google saw that one coming?

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