Thursday, June 14, 2007

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I have to share something somewhat humorous with you from behind the scenes here at The BizRadio Network Broadcasting Complex & Deli.

As you may recall, we lease our studio space and transmitter time from another company. When Buddy Cantu and the Band and I arrive in the mornings, there is other, foreign-language programming on the air.
I have no idea what they’re saying.

This morning, however, I knew something was amiss…the sound of a record skipping is unmistakable in any language.

There was something eerily entertaining about this—if you’re into obsessive-compulsive issues…the same thing, over, and over, and over, with an odd rhythm pattern…

I knew it might catch on, however, when I heard some of the BizRadio Network Chorus trying to learn the lyrics and get the syncopation down…clever bunch.

During the show this morning, one of our more astute, multi-lingual listeners, Len, called and translated the audio clip for us. It's from a commercial--I believe in Vietnamese--in which a parent is telling a child to "open up the present."

Open up the present (skritch) [click]
Open up the present (skritch) [click]
Open up the present (skritch) [click]

Reminds me of the time I wrapped a Christmas gift for my bride...a box within a box within a box. You get the idea.

We've been married forever (28-years in December).
We're both like a couple of teenagers, though--and she especially cannot tolerate the anticipation that builds in the weeks ahead of Christmas and our anniversary each year.

You can see this coming, can't you?
That mysteriously wrapped gift from me under the tree...
It has a muffled rattle.
The balance of the package is slightly off...
...and she can't stand not knowing what's inside.

So, unbeknownst to me, she opens the gift.
Ribbon preserved, paper and tape carefully cut and unfolded...
...and discovers ANOTHER wrapped box inside.

The process is repeated five times.

Open up the present (skritch) [click]
Open up the present (skritch) [click]
Open up the present (skritch) [click]
Open up the present (skritch) [click]
Open up the present (skritch) [click]

The funniest moment came on Christmas Day, when she excitedly opened the gift (again.)
Could've won an Academy Award for the performance.
She then meekly confessed to having peeked ahead of time.
I just laughed...knowing how much work she went through to open all the boxes, and then re-wrapped them meticulously to cover her tracks.

Next year I'm just getting her a gift card.

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