Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Saw 'em Off & Flush 'em

That “Saw ‘em Off” anti-Longhorn logo copyright dispute has been settled…and all it took was a little hair and a couple of flared nostrils. And $25,000 to make the lawsuit go away.

Aggie Outfitters in College Station was being sued by the University of Texas System for infringement of its burnt orange longhorn head, sans horns…shortly after the Aggies beat the Horns in their annual gridiron clash.


A two-story tall billboard selling high tech toilet seats is going up in Manhattan next week. The campaign is to advertise Toto’s Washlet -- a gadget that is poised to “clean-up” in the personal hygiene sphere…and eliminate the need for TP, too.

At nearly $1,000 apiece, here's a toilet seat the Pentagon will love.

The outdoor art for the product features a line-up of bare bottoms with smiley faces drawn across the cheeks…
So many punchlines…so little time…

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