Wednesday, October 03, 2007

'Tis the Season...

The i-Competitors are emerging ahead of the Holiday shopping season. Microsoft and Verizon in the past two days have rolled out phones and music players to compete with Apple’s i-Phone and i-Pod players.

Microsoft’s new Zune players will update themselves wirelessly when placed near your laptop…which could create interesting results if you lay your Zune down next to your kid's laptop...and Verizon’s new Voyager phone is among three models aimed at the Apple market…

The Voyager is made by LG Electronics, and boasts faster wireless Web access, and like the i-Phone, it has a large touch screen and full Web browser. I’m holding out for the phone that hands you a freshly-buttered muffin when a call comes in… (whoo-tasty)

Speaking of the Holidays…the new Neiman-Marcus 2007 Christmas Catalog has been released.This is N-M's 81st catalogue. We’re working on getting them on the show to help you plan your shopping list. I'll publish my garment sizes and wish list in a later blog.

Among the items offered in this year’s catalogue is a private concert with the Russian Kirov Orchestra in your town, hosted by Regis Philbin. Only $1.59-million for this little stocking-stuffer…they leave the Steinway concert grand behind.

I wonder what it would cost if they brought the Steinway and left Regis behind?

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