Friday, October 26, 2007

Behind the Scenes: Friday's

Friday’s are always special here at The BizRadio Network Broadcasting Complex & Deli. You never know what’s going to happen, who’s going to show up, or what unique technical challenges may arise.

Today was cookie day.

A few weeks ago, Justin the Sith was trotting around one of those fund raising slips for his kid’s school. This year, the popular item seems to be cookie dough, and about everyone in Radio Ops signed up for a carton.

So this morning, when I came into the studios, instead of hearing the BizRadio Network Orchestra rehearsing, I heard the sound of spoons scooping and lips smacking as they dug into the raw cookie dough.

Now, admit it, you’ve done the same thing.
When my bride whips up her mother’s famously-addictive chocolate chip cookie recipe, she has to quarantine me from the kitchen, or there’s no dough left into which to pour the chocolate chips.

Blue Bell Ice Cream makes an insidious flavor called “Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough,” that I suspect could be outlawed in some societies. So I knew we were in for a rough ride this morning.

Sure enough, not thirty minutes into the show, the Orchestra was out of control, trippin’ on a raw cookie dough inspired sugar high.
That was only the start.

Patrick, our Master Control Engineer, thought it would be a great idea to try cooking up a batch in the mini-toaster oven in the BizRadio Network Broadcasting Complex & Deli commissary.

They weren’t half-bad, and the aroma was even more of a distraction than the sugared-up musicians thrashing about in the next studio.

The problem was, the mini-oven could only handle about a half-dozen cookies at a time.
As fast as Patrick could crank them out, the horn section would lap them up. I think Jimmy Kersey, our news producer, might have had a hand in that, too.

This Cheshire-like grin ain’t the result of snacking on cat food.

We got through the morning, but I fear there is more to come in this saga. Sure enough, Patrick and some of the BizRadio Network Chorus members began comparing notes and recipes, and the next thing you know, the Alto Section and Patrick were planning an art-carved fruit-and-vegetable buffet for lunch today.

Might need some more cookies to wash it all down.

Have a great weekend.
See you Monday on the Radio.

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