Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Burning Thoughts

As I view the images beamed to us from Southern California, I cannot help but have flashbacks from two Summers, ago as people in my hometown were fleeing from a natural disaster.

In 2005 it was the wind, rain, and high tides accompanying Hurricane Rita. This morning, a lot of Californians are praying for rain, instead of the wind-driven fires that are scorching the earth in their neighborhoods.

Traffic in Los Angeles is arguably the worst in the country. Trying to flee smoke and flames with the glow of the fires in your rearview mirror is a haunting thought.

Yesterday, during a live report, CNN Radio correspondent Jim Roop actually interrupted his network feed to put out a fire on his pants.

Somehow, when the rest of the world is arguing over currency strengths, inflation, earnings, and the price of gasoline, there’s nothing like a runaway fire bearing down on your house to put what really matters in life into perspective.

(Satellite imagery taken Monday afternoon)

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