Monday, October 08, 2007

Looking for Columbo and Cash

Today is the official observation of Columbus Day.

No mail delivery, but they’ll be picking up your trash. Some days it’s hard to tell the difference. Federal offices are closed; state and local governments are open; maybe we’ll get something done today.

Meanwhile in Barcelona, Spain, researchers are percolating the DNA from bones purported to be those of the intrepid explorer to determine his origins. The possibilities include Christoforo Columbo was the son of a wool weaver, or the bastard son of a Portuguese Prince; genealogists are also working on a third possibility that he was a Jew whose family converted to escape the Spanish Inquisition.

Fast forward 500-years, and the Genetic Inquisition is hoping to answer once and for all the who, what, when, where, why and how of Columbus lineage.

I spent a portion of my weekend bonding with my neighbor, AJ, and his new power washer, as we scrubbed the algae and grime from the sidewalk and curbs in front of our houses. Manly stuff with manly toys (grunt-grunt-grunt), you know?

Our neighborhood is one giant algae farm…which might not be a bad thing. There’s a company in El Paso that’s figured out how to harvest algae as an alternative fuel source.

This is important because the oil extracted from algae can be used in the production of biodiesel and ethanol instead of corn. To give you an idea of the comparative worth…an acre of corn yields about 29 gallons of vegetable oil. An acre of algae yields 100,000 gallons of veggie oil. I’m seeing green in more ways than one.

One of the headline news item this morning is Sen. Hillary Clinton’s plan to give $5k savings bonds to every new baby born in America. One of the rationales is to balance the income inequalities that presently exist in our country.

Gadzooks, she’s really showing her colors, now.
Pink does not become her...

You want to alleviate income inequality?
Allocate money where it can do the most good—in education. Billary's brazen, politically- motivated plan to pass out free money is an ill-conceived idea in an election cycle, calculated to appeal to the mathematically-challenged, and destined to continue the mentality of Entitlement that has rotted the core of our society: Gimme gimme gimme, 'cause if it's from the Government, it's free.
It’s not free money, folks—you and I will pay for it, believe me.
Hillary won’t.

Sure there are income inequalities—because there are some people smarter than others, who work harder and/or smarter than others, and who are more productive than others. There’s no luck involved: Success is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. Regardless of political stripe or bent, the best way to improve the next generations of Americans—regardless of color or origin—is to provide the best possible education.

You want to change someone's family tree?
Don't give them money--give them the education to make and manage their money.


latree said...

you teach them fishing so they can catch fish them selves any time they need, don't give them fish and they do'nt know what to do when the fish's out...

Brent Clanton said...

Yeah...what she said.