Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Grinding to a Halt

Never yell “fire!” in a crowded theater.
Do not leave children in cart unattended.
Coffee is hot.

Three common phrases in the American vernacular with which we can all identify. These basic truths all conspired to create a perfect storm of distraction during our mid-morning routine at The BizRadio Network Broadcasting Complex & Deli: The coffee pot caught fire.

The building’s fire alarm system kicked into auto-mode, and as strobes winked in the corridors, an automated message blared in two languages: “A fire has been detected; please prepare to evacuate the building.”

The acrid odor burning my nose hairs told me this was not a drill.

A Firetruck could be seen negotiating an intersection against the light on the street, 16-floors below.

Moments later, a gang of 5 firemen and 1 firewoman clambered up 16-flights of stairs and began their assault on the breakroom, where one of those new-fangled, whiz-bang, grind-the-beans-on-the-spot coffee makers had had a seriously bad day.

The good news—no major damage to the facility, and the BizRadio Babes got some quality time with some prime time beefcake.

The bad news, no coffee for the rest of the day (who knows what Lisa's drinking here!)

Some employees were seen heading for the exits even though the all-clear had sounded. Something about air quality and calling the EPA…

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