Thursday, March 29, 2007

True Confessions

“You didn’t ask a question I wanted you to ask,” said a caller after my show this morning. “You didn’t bring up a point I would have brought up.”

Sorry, I forgot that in addition to hosting a show, leading a guest through an interview and trying to make an interesting segment, I needed to also be a mind-reader.

“Where were you ten minutes ago, when the guest was on the line?” I replied.
“I want you to ask more probing questions, dig deeper with your guests,” said the caller.
Point taken.
Here’s another one: be a participant, not an arm-chair quarterback.

Radio is at its best as a participatory medium, especially when the audience is engaged. Maybe for some of you, I am asking all the questions you would ask.
Obviously for this one listener, I didn’t.

Newsflash—I am not omnitient.
I’m not a mind-reader, either, and some mornings, a call into the show during a guest segment would be a wonderful addition to the show.

If you call during a conversation and have an intelligent comment or interesting question, we’ll bring you on; I think alternative or additional points of view always add depth to any subject.

Bottom line: Don’t be a Marcel Marceau, and don’t be a Monday- (or Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday or Friday) morning quarterback. As Jim Rome likes to say, “have a take and don’t suck.”

I welcome your feedback.
I relish your participation.

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