Friday, March 23, 2007

Immaterial Thoughts

In politics, absurdity is not a handicap.
--Napoleon Bonaparte
The title of first to influence national politics now belongs to the state of Florida, setting a new Presidential Primary election date of January 29.
California’s primaries have been moved to February 5, and other states are considering stepping up their polling schedules.
Just like the car makers, who will sell you next year’s model today; if this keeps up, the 2012 Presidential winner could be decided in 2011.

Germany’s weekly Die Zeit is running a headline, “Madonna would vote for Al Gore over Hillary.”
Who cares?
What Madonna thinks is immaterial.
Why do these people print this stuff?

In a stunning episode of finger-pointing, tourists are now being blamed for global warming. The World Tourism Organization says air travel and the use of air-conditioners by vacationers are among the excesses that are polluting the air “on par with heavy industries.”

The WTO reports that 842-million people took a holiday in a foreign countryin 2006, 40% of them flew to their destinations-- that's more people than the population of the United States, taking trips.
So go ahead, relax, you polluting slacker.

Attention, Wal-Mart Associates: your bonus is ready on Aisle Three. The company the world loves to hate is splitting over $500-billion among 80% of its employees—819,000 of them.

Work the math, and the average bonus for a Wal-Mart hourly employee comes to about $650 per worker; and many will receive much more than that. This year Wal-Mart will also be paying associates with more than 20-years’ service a bonus equivalent to a week’s pay. 13,400 qualify for the extra pay as Wal-Mart struggles to improve its corporate image.

CEO Scott Lee last year was paid $15.7-million + stock awards.
That's that's gotta be where the low-price leader smiley face comes from.

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