Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Busting Chops and Burger King

Nothing like a spittin' match and some rumor-mongering to rile up investors' moods, raise shorthairs on neckbacks, and make folks generally nervous.

Crude futures rocketted over $5 a barrel last night just on the rumors that Iran had fired on U.S. Navy warships. Of course, after the story was debunked, oil prices fell just as quickly…

As I have said repeatedly this Spring, we're just one international incident away from $70/bbl oil.
There were two on the burner last night, with the false report plus the Iran vs UK dynamic continuing, and after the dust settled, oil still jumped another $1.47 above Tuesday's closing price on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

Meanwhile, Iran refuses to budge as it holds 15 British sailors hostage for allegedly violating Iranian international waters. The UK is now prepared to release the GPS coordinates of the sailors when they were detained, embarrassing the Iranians on the stage of world opinion.

I say, what are they waiting for?
Bust their chops in public and expose them (yet again) for the thugs the Iranian goverment is.

Here at home, Burger King will begin buying supplies from meat and egg vendors who do not keep their livestock caged or crated. Some of those suppliers are already yielding to animal rights activists' calls for more humane methods of anesthetizing pork and fowl prior to slaughter.
What's next--voting rights for animals?

So chickens and pigs will soon be sent to the Tyson Countryclub for fattening and "processing." Why does the theme from "Born Free" keep looping in my head?

I suppose if range-fed beef can be a selling point in restaurants, so can free-roaming fowl. I'm not sure how well this might be interpretted on Burger King's menus, however.
Does a Yardbird Croissandwich spark your appetite?

Not all specialty sandwiche ideas inspire consumer loyalty.
This is an actual Burger King markee that was captured and sent to this sandwich tastes like crap.

Supersize that?

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