Monday, April 02, 2007

By the Buy...

Buy a paper?
The going bid for the LA Times and other media outlets owned by The Tribune Company is $34/share, as offered by Los Angeles billionaires Ron Burkle and Eli Broad, which swooped in front of Sam Zell’s $33/share offer.

Zell was asked by the Tribune’s board to sweeten his offer over the weekend...he did. He won.

Buy an election?
NY Senator Hillary Clinton is the leader in the first round of fund raising by those who would be king—or queen—notching $36-million for her war chest…including a $10-million transfer from her senate campaign funds.

Buy a Beatle?
and EMI are set to make a major announcement this morning that could open the gates for downloading Beatles music through Apple’s iTunes stores without the controversial Digital Rights Management (DRM) software.

I suppose that's a big deal.
All my Beatles music is already on my iPod...recorded from my personal collection.

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