Monday, March 26, 2007

In a Dither for Twitter

Silicon Valley is in a dither over a new mini-blogging service for mobile phones predicted to be a mass-market hit with the reach of a YouTube or MySpace. It’s called “Twitter,” which allows you to post short messaged—up to 140-characters—that can be viewed on a web site or mobile phone.
Don’t laugh.
YouTube turned out to be worth $1.65-billion…which adds new meaning to the phrase, “I’d like to buy a vowel.”

Are you ready for a million-dollar laptop computer?
Luxury goods creator Luvaglio’s laptop will include a 17" widescreen LED screen, 128GB of disk space, and a Blue-Ray drive. A diamond piece of jewelry will activate the power button when placed into the laptop, and also doubles as security identification.

Venezuela is getting cozier with China in a series of oil deals structured to wean that country away from exports to the US. The China National Petroleum Corp. is looking to develop production in the Orinoco Belt, and will cooperate with Venezuela in building three refineries in China, and a matching set of "super-fleet" crude tankers.

Meanwhile, President Hugo Chavez is moving to expropriate large ranches in his country, creating “collectives” to redistribute land to the poor.
Not much of a history student, are you, Hugo?
Might want to take a look at the performance of that idea in what used to be The Soviet Union. Yeah, that worked out really well for those people…

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