Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spitting, Squatting, and Subbing

The biggest spitting match of the week: Viacom suing Google for $1-billion over copyright infringements on the YouTube website.
We were going to post the story on ours, but our attorneys told us not to.

Meanwhile Microsoft is preparing to go after cybersquatters---companies or individuals who have claimed internet domain names that include combinations of X-box or Microsoft.
Does that make them cyber-sooners?

A national restaurant chain is taking advantage of the slump in the mortgage market by offering an entrĂ©e that would not otherwise be served to regular customers…only those who have in the past failed to pay the tab after a meal, or who tip poorly.
You guessed it—the sub-prime rib.
Look for it on a steakhouse menu near you.
It’ll be 90-minutes late when you order, though.

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