Monday, March 12, 2007

DST Holiday

Whereas the annual shift to Daylight Saving Time causes great personal upheaval, lost productivity in the workplace, and shortened tempers and frayed nerves due to the loss of an hour’s sleep;

Whereas the net gain of "springing forward" clocks one hour is essentially negated by the time consumed to reset said clocks;

Whereas the increased use of electricity during pre-dawn hours negates the positive effects of burning the lights an hour less in the evening;

Whereas it is unnatural to get up an hour before the chickens do;

Be it therefore resolved to establish a National Holiday on the Monday following the conversion to Daylight Saving Time each year, in order to establish a more gentle transition to the earlier time, lessen the emotional and physiological shock to the population, and provide for a more orderly, productive start to the work week of the people by the people.

If we can celebrate the birthdays of dead presidents once a year, we can surely make allowance for the precedent that makes us feel dead with the onset of DST.
Pass this along to your favorite Congressperson.

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