Monday, July 16, 2007

Sneaking Around in Iraq

I must have missed the phone call from the 9/11 terrorists who called ahead to say they were going to smack two fully-loaded aircraft into the World Trade Center. My answering machine must have been turned off that day.

Japan’s Emperor Hirohito just-missed Harry Truman's messenger in August 1945, letting him know the US was about to evaporate the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

I’m pretty sure the Imperial Phone Line was just busy when Jimmy Doolittle tried to place a courtesy call to say he was on his way with a flock of B-25’s to fire bomb Tokyo in response to Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor.

It’s just as well, because America was out doing weekend things when the Japanese phoned ahead to let us know their attack fleet was about to swarm the island of Oahu, sinking or destroying most of the US Pacific Fleet in December 1941.

Obviously, those assaults were pre-meditated, and their execution relied upon the element of surprise. So would someone please explain to me why the United States Military feels compelled to telegraph its every move to our sworn enemies in Iraq?

The Joint Chiefs of Staff are honking like geese about their deliberations over additional increases to the current troop surge in Iraq. Which is one reason we haven’t caught Bin Laden yet. Who needs intelligence-gathering when all the enemy needs to know is spewed into the ether by the major US media outlets?

On eBay this week is a posting, “A Solution to the War in Iraq,” which is accepting bids thru this Monday (7/22). Army Military Intelligence Capt. Thad Krasnesky has it all boiled-down to five pages of text. You can Buy it Now for only $99.

The essence of Krasnesky's plan calls for a deftly wielded scalpel, not a broadsword approach.
He may be onto something.

But if Bin Laden’s people buy it online before the bidding ends, the jig is up.
I say, what ever our future plans are, put a sock in it, and let the bad guys guess what’s happening next.

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