Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Nipped in the Bud

Citizen Clanton, reporting in.
I’ve been off the air and out of circulation for the past couple of days.

Those of you who have been following along at home may recall I had a little run in with Prostate Cancer a while back.
No, it’s not come back.

But I did have some residual scars to deal with, and those have returned.

This time the docs decided to not fool around, so they wheeled me into the surgical suite Monday morning to perform a little nip and tuck.

They also used a little Botox for good measure.

I was surprised to hear about that…although the information has made for a few jokes that cannot be shared in polite company.

I fully expected to be reporting to you live from The Clanton Hacienda and Broadcast Studio by this morning. However, true to the phrase, everything’s bigger in Texas, the supplemental plumbing that’s been temporarily installed has precluded that from happening. Hope to engage a little “plumber’s helper” later this week, and be back with you soon.

Special thanks to Jack Warkenthien for filling in for me the past few days. It is a comfort to know that things can run without you, and that there are team members willing to stand in the gap. Jack’s been a trouper, and Buddy Cantu has been stellar in keeping the machine well oiled.

I should take more time off…but not like this.

See you on the Radio, soon.

1 comment:

Drew W said...

Hope everything gets in working order soon.

You're missed on the air and online.