Saturday, July 14, 2007

Darwinian Logic Exposed

There’s a mis-guided group of people who band together under the moniker of “Atheists for Human Rights.”

Atheists, by definition, deny the existence of God, or any other “higher power” in the universe. Personally, I think Atheists must be the most pathetic of all God’s creatures, because they have no hope.

Consider, in which group would you rather find yourself:
1.) Those who believe in God and discover there is no god
2.) Those who believe there is no God and discover there is

I checked out the website for these people, and it’s truly disturbing. They proclaim homosexuality to be a natural orientation (okay, then get your buddy Charles Darwin to explain that one), and that children do not necessarily need parents of both genders (be sure to check with Chuck on that one, too.)

Unbelievably, this group also states, “no harm is done” in an abortion. Guess that’s not too surprising about people who also proclaim no moral dimension to the issue. Did you ever wonder why proponents of abortion are never represented by anyone who's ever been aborted?

Ironically, Atheists for Human Rights should be thankful for their God-given, inalienable rights as rendered by the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, which allow all free men and women to express themselves freely, regardless of the stupidity quotient.
After all, it’s a free country.


Jim VAT said...

Ah...yes. The Brent Clanton atheist bashing. Old hat for Brent, even back to the old Biz Radio 650 days.

I suggest before you bash atheist and talk about evolution, you had best understand what it is you talk about. Since your position on the subject is obviously voiced from misinformation, my suggestion would be to read up on the subject and then come back to us. Should you wish for references beyond The Origin of Species, I would be glad to recommend lighter and more approachable reading on the subject.

I am an avid listener who won't stop listening just because you voice a frankly ignorant opinion of atheists and those that accept evolution as the most rational explanation of human origins. Not only is it the most rational and supported by the most evidence, it is the most wondrous concepts in all of science. It is far more ennobling to recognize the 2.3 billion years of biological evolution than the multitudes of creationist mythologies.

Best Regards,


Brent Clanton said...


Thanks for dropping by to post. So, into which of the two categories mentioned above would you fall?


Jim VAT said...

Dearest Brett -

I don't accept your categories. I would submit that we are both atheists: I don't believe in the thousands of gods worshiped by man throughout history; you just disbelieve in one less than I.

How are you going to make out if you are worshiping the wrong god?

Brent Clanton said...

Darling Jim--
Your math is as misguided as your theology.
I don't worship thousands of gods, just the One true God.
How any sane individual could step out his back door in the morning and just look around, and not conclude there is a Higher Power in charge defies logic, as well as any sense of faith.
The path to worshipping the true God is found through diligent study, critical analysis of the evidences, and an ability to submit that man is not in control, contrary to popular cultural doctrine.

Jim VAT said...

Ah yes, Dear Brent. You fail to grasp even the most simple logical concepts. How is it possible to determine what (who?) is the "One True God" when thousands of gods have been worshiped throughout human history? Were all of them false gods condemning most of humanity to hell or is one god as good as the other?

You ask me if I might die to discover there is a God. I ask you if you might die to discover you have been worshiping the wrong one.

You are free to live your life as one guided by blind faith (that is belief in things that cannot be proved). For all I care, you may believe in an invisible blue dragon living in your bathroom and every time he gets upset, your washer explodes. ;-)

As for me, I will live my life guided by reason, logic, evidence and the power of the subjective, inner human experience. I will also question your misguided and misinformed comments about atheists and their value in society whenever those comments appear.

Brent Clanton said...

Sir James--
So long as you continue to question, the possibility exists you will find the answer.
I prefer not to base my beliefs on human limitations.
No offense intended, but God bless.

Jim VAT said...

Right about now, I am questioning your sanity and ability to follow a rational argument.

Perhaps we will meet again (yes, we have met in the past). No hard feelings.

Your humble, godless servant,

Sir Lord JimVAT