Thursday, July 26, 2007

BizRadio Bathrobe Broadcast Series

The Bathrobe Broadcast Series from the Studio at The Clanton Hacienda continues Friday morning.

As I mentioned earlier this week, Jack Warkenthien has been filling in for me as I recuperate from some “minor” surgery on Monday, and many thanks to him for doing so.

The difference between minor and major surgery is all in the perspective.

Since I have been unable to sit in a chair, much less leave the house this week, it was needful to ask Jack to fill in. However, things have progressed to the point where I think I can sit through a three-hour show Friday morning. We’ll see how it goes.

I actually do own a bathrobe, and it’s quite dapper.
One of those designer label robes my Bride picked up for me in honor of my last major surgery—which was Major, no fooling.

The robe is a little much to work in, however, unless it’s winter time.
It was great in January, as I was forced to work from home for several weeks, and the mornings were quite chilly.

I think we’ll forego the bathrobe in July, however, and instead be performing the show live in outer wear by Hanes: Cotton shorts and T’s that breathe and stretch with you.

There’s a little alliteration lost, however, shifting from bathrobes to Shorts 'n T’s.

So while I will be comparatively, scantily clad, it’s going to be a Bathrobe Broadcast.

I wonder if I’ll get breakfast on the board?
See you in the morning on the Radio.


Darryl said...

Brent, Your Friday am show was great. You even substituted for Mike Norman. Attaboy!
Question, you closed with quotes from someone who challenges the alternative fuels we are now considering. The earth footprint was most interesting to hear as a compare and contrast.
What was the author's name? Where can one look up these thoughts?

Brent Clanton said...

Dear Darryl--
Thanks for the kudos.
The article I mentioned this morning was from Steven Milloy, who is the founder of
You can read the whole piece at,2933,291071,00.html.
Thanks for listening!

Jim VAT said...

The BizRadio technology is impressive. I could have sworn you were back in the studio rather than operating remotely. But alas, you phoned it in (or is that Interneted it in?), literally, not figuratively. :-)

Nice job dude.

Brent Clanton said...

Thanks, Jim.
The impressive part was getting my carcass down to the studio for Monday morning's show!
The older I get, the better pharmaceuticals look as a long term investment!