Friday, July 06, 2007

Breakfast in America

Getting something to eat in the city that never sleeps is harder than you think.

For the past couple of mornings, I’ve been originating the show from Las Vegas.

Because Vegas is on Pacific Time, and does not observe Daylight Saving Time, and Texas is on Central Daylight Saving Time, there’s a two hour difference.

In order to start my show at 6am CDT, I have to be logged-on to our network by 4am Vegas time. When you factor in equipment schlepping, set-up and testing, plus a little pre-show prep, I’ve been getting up at 2am.
Vegas Time.
Thank goodness for hotel wake up calls.
They’re automated these days, so it doesn’t put anyone out.
Getting food at that hour is another challenge.

Yesterday morning I was told Room Service closes at Midnight.
Are they kidding?
Have you seen the activity in the casinos at that hour?
What if you're hungry?
No dice.

This morning I got creative.
I got the hotel operator to connect me with the Catering Division, whose crews were busily setting up the various exhibit rooms for today’s first sessions of Freedom Fest.

Eddie Bunch is the Chief at this hour, and did he ever come through.

Shortstack of buttermilk pancakes, big ol’ glass of cranberry juice, scrambled aiggs, and some pretty good bacon.

Las Vegas is where anything can happen.
Even breakfast at 5 in the morning when Room Service is closed.
Thanks, Eddie.
You do the Bally’s proud.

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