Thursday, April 26, 2007

Legislation Running Amuck

The Federal Communications Commission is being asked to consider a law banning violence on TV during hours in which children could be watching.
What…have parents forgotten how to change the channel?
Better…have parents forgotten how to parent?
Don’t substitute your influence for tube-time.

Don’t leave it up to TV to entertain or mould the minds of your kids…and don’t ask the Federal Government to intervene in a process that too many parents have abandoned and left up to network programmers to fill.
Think about it--who really is raising your kids?

Maybe they should also ban video clips of sitting presidents playing bongos…

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Anonymous said...

Well I missed hearing you this week on the road to work every morning. This week I am enjoying sunny southern Mississippi in Pascagoula at the shipyard. I figured, well, I can always read my cuz' blog. It brings me back home which I miss greatly. Alas, "Cattle Prod" airlines will fly me back on Saturday. Man, I am ready to retire.

Later Cuz