Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Two-bit Haircuts

Sen. John Edwards reportedly spends $400 for haircuts at the chic Beverly Hills men's stylist, Torrenueva Hair Designs.
The presidential race just took a fashionable turn off-track. Can the American public withstand 18-months of snipping and picking and compairing candidate's coifs?

So Edwards has a $400 hair cut.
In three week's it's going to need cutting again.
Guess he has more money for haircare than common sense. Maybe instead of running for president, he could just be a procurement officer for the military…

We took a poll in the studios this morning.
Buddy Cantu pays $12 for a hair cut, as does Jimmy the K.

Justin the Sith is the big spender, shelling out $13 for his spikey-do, including tip. He says the less he bleeds, the bigger the tip.

My unique coif is maintained by my bride of 28-years. I get it cut every third week, whether it needs it or not, to keep from lowering my average mpg.

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