Tuesday, April 24, 2007


My only son, in whom I am well-pleased, is living his dream job.
Well, almost.

He's a Radio reporter for one of the Sports-talk AM's in Houston, and a video producer for the weekend sports casts on the NBC-TV affiliate here.
He gets paid for going to games.
He gets access to the players and coaches most people only dream of getting to talk to.
He's seen Hakeem in his skivvies.

So my firstborn gets just a little excited this time of year, especially when the NBA Playoffs are underway.
Last night, The Houston Rockets notched Win #2 against the Utah Jazz, 98-90, in their playoff series.
He was on Cloud Nine.
He got to go to the game.
A paid-gig.
You know what those tickets are selling for??

Attended the post-game glory-fest, too, and was so excited, he couldn't resist sending his proud Papa a picture of Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady.
To my cell phone.
Which I received at 3:35a this morning.

Fortunately, I was awake...barely.

And cogent enough to respond to his cell phone with this lovely image of a reminder of what time it was.
I hope his phone wasn't on vibrate.

Go Rockets!

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