Monday, April 09, 2007

Energy to Burn

Bob Murray, CEO of Murray Energy Corp. in Ohio is one of the few voices crying “foul” over the global-warming Tsunami that’s sweeping Washington. Sure, Murray Energy has a vested interest in the issue: They sell coal to electricity providers. Turning down demand for coal is not in Murray Energy's best interests...but, Murray says, neither is the global warming mantra that's emanating from Washington.

The truth is not being told about this climatological witch-hunt, and Murray’s prediction that small businesses, like yours, will be hurt as a result of any government intervention are right on.

The truly interesting thing about this whole global warming issue is the fact that the facts being used to prove its existence are founded upon suspect science. I continue to believe that no one knows what “the norm” for global temperature is—the term is impossible to define.

If the theory that more CO2 in the atmosphere would exponentially increase temperatures was true, we’d already be roasting; quite the opposite has been the case. And in fact, the more particulates in the atmosphere, which block or reflect sunlight, the cooler it gets.

The second issue is that of defining what greenhouse gasses are—and if you look at that honestly, you’ll recognize the predominant component in any greenhouse environment is water—water vapor--not CO2.

Call me cynical, but the hot air hoopla on Capitol Hill is not about saving the planet. As MIT Meteorology Professor Andrew Lindzen noted recently, “Carbon caps are likely to lead to increased prices, as well as corruption associated with permit trading.”

Remember that crooked-E company, Enron? It was the biggest duck in the puddle in the push for the US to sign-on the Kyoto Accord.
Because it wanted to reap the profits it foresaw from emission credits trading.
In America, if you want to know what’s driving something, follow the money trail.


bill said...

Yikes! Are you SERIOUSLY saying you don't believe in global warming ... and are siding with Mr. Global Goofy himself, Bob Murray?

Brent Clanton said...

Bill--Are you seriously saying you believe all the seriously flawed propaganda that's being portrayed as fact? How arrogant can we humans be to imagine we might be able to alter the cycles and rhythms of the planet, set into motion by its Maker?