Tuesday, April 10, 2007

In Defense of Don Imus

A note about Don Imus’ remark that the Rutgers Women’s Basketball Team were “nappy headed ho’s,” as he watched footage of their game with Tennessee.

There is a double-standard at work here.

Imus has been described as an “equal-opportunity offender,” and is notorious for picking on myriad ethnic, religious, and racial subsets of the Human Race.

Personally, I think his remarks were no more offensive or objectionable than the trash talk that emanates from the mouths of black rappers who inject superfluous “niggas” in every other “verse” of their art, and liberally sprinkle the alternating verses with vernacular relating to female dogs, and men who sleep with their mothers. Yeah, that’s socially-redeeming material.

Morality in Media President Robert Peters commented that if the FCC been doing its job, the entire incident "might have been prevented because radio stations would have long ago curbed hardcore rap lyrics with sexual comments about African American women." Imus is at worst guilty of bad judgment in attempting to mimic language that is painfully common already. Peters correctly identifies the real question as: "Will the FCC finally do their job and begin taking the smutting rap lyrics off the air?"

I’ve heard the tape; I’ve watched the video of Don Imus’ off the cuff remarks. Imus paid the Rugters team a left-handed compliment—in their own vernacular—that theirs is a team to be reckoned with on the court. They’re tough and intimidating to other teams, described by Imus as “cute.”

Frankly, if you’re on a competitive team, would you rather be portrayed as tough or cute?

Al Sharpton and the other shrill voices of the politically-correct establishment have gone over the edge equally as far in calling for Imus’ firing. MSNBC and CBS Radio, willing sycophants to the left, are suspending the Imus show for two weeks.
Sharpton’s harangue at Imus included the hypocritical statement that racial slurs, like “nappy headed ho’s,” shouldn’t be allowed on the public airwaves.
True dat.

But clean up your own parish, first Reverend, and let’s also put the quietus on the icons of the Black entertainment industry who are raking in millions, and influencing the minds of Black, Brown, Yellow, Red and White youth with their denigrating, demeaning speech and depictions of black culture—which also fills the airwaves and cable connections each day.

All humor is rooted in truth. Imus just struck a nerve root.


Anonymous said...

True dat true dat, Let the brother Imus speak the truth. Al Sharpton is nothing but a BIGGOT. Ho's I want Howard Stern, Sharpton, and BIll o fricken Reilly fired then.


Tim said...

I agree. I'm White and I share a studio space with Black rappers. I've heard their tracks. I don't understand their self-references and I'd rather not repeat them. They referred to me as "cracker." They don't know me and I had to tell them that in Wisconsin where I'm from, we didn't have Black slaves or White task masters on horseback cracking whips. We talked and all is cool. Still, I wish they would stop.

This is a serious double-standard. I wish Imus were free to get to the actual truth of the matter, which is the point you're making here. I'm about to hear the Lehrer NewsHour report on this now. I expect more of the same PC BS. It's high time certain Blacks in the media take responsibility for their language.

Ray said...

Let us not forget Rev. Jesse Jackson. Operation P.U.S.H in Chicago back in the 7o's provided free breakfast to urban children,with a free coloring book. The coloring book depicted policemen drawn as pigs, chasing children,evicting old balck women, eating doughnuts in front of starving kids and finally showing black men shooting pigs.
Rev Sharpton has referred to many white politicos, as "crackers" Peckerwood", etc, and he still owes over 1.5 million dollars on hotel bills for his entourage in the 2000 Presidential camopaign. He has has been sued for this many times over.
Nobody died from what Imus said,but Rappers are shooting one another,violence is preached in their lyrics,and violence against women is a way of life.
Apparently Imus is the wrong focal point.

Anonymous said...

Hos, How did they not know he was talking about a gardening tool? I have had some nappy headed hos in my gardening days.