Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Weekend Warpath

What is it about the weekend that makes people take leave of their senses? Never a dull moment on Planet Earth when the weekend cometh:

Former President Jimmy Carter vented his spleen to the British Broadcasting Corp., calling President George W. Bush the worst American president in history. Excuse moi, but isn’t that a little like the pot calling the kettle a Cookware American?

It’s interesting to hear criticism of foreign policy from people who were also critical of Ronald Reagan’s winning strategy for ending the Cold War, and were unable to see the first Iran Hostage Crisis resolved until after they’d left office. The former President is pimping a new book, which might explain his zeal for thumping noggins in public.

The Immigration Reform bill seems to be an equal-opportunity offender, managing to make nearly everyone it impacts mad about something.

Not even members of the same Party can agree, and Senators John McCain and John Cornyn resorted to dropping F-bombs and barnyard epithets to express their feelings towards each other about it.

Classy. Really classy, fellas.

By the way—if I were a member of Sen. McCain’s constituency, I’d have a real problem with my Senator, shirking his duties on Capitol Hill so that he can chase after another job (El Presidente).

McCain missed his 42nd-straight Senate vote in a row last week while telling the rest of the country what a terrific President he’d make. If he misses three more votes, he will have officially been absent for 50% of the votes in his term.
Yeah, that’s the kind of guy I want to be Commander in Chief.

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