Tuesday, May 08, 2007

First Storm of 2007??

If you take a look at weather satellite images off the east coast, you’d swear you’re looking at the beginnings of a hurricane.
The National Hurricane Center is diplomatically saying there are “hurricane-force wind warnings” in effect off the coast of South Carolina this morning…as the weather mass seems on the verge of transitioning from a sub-tropical to a tropical storm system.

Fair warning.
Could be the first storm of the season—before the season even starts.

Of course, such musings will invariably lead to the ongoing discussion of global warming theory…first it was too much toilet paper usage…last week we were told having too many kids can cause global warming…and the latest nut-head warning comes from a British travel guru, who is blaming “binge flying” as a source of green-house gasses.
Travel writer Mark Ellingham says the travel industry is to the planet’s health what the tobacco industry has been to public health. Ellingham does not intend to cut his travel plans, however.
I think his argument is going nowhere.

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