Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Pharmaceutical Grammar

Wyeth is the winner of FDA approval of the first birth control drug that is designed to eliminate women’s periods. Researchers are now working on new drugs to also eliminate the semi-colon and prevent unexpected seizures from elipses…

Lybrel, when taken daily, can halt women's menstrual periods indefinitely and prevent pregnancies. Here’s the catch---because Lybrel halts the monthly cycle, if you should get pregnant while taking the pill, you won’t know unless you’re checked, because the monthly reminder—or the missing of a monthly reminder—will not be apparent!

Congress is still working through the immigration reform issue—keeping alive a temporary worker provision that could bring in as many as 600,000 foreign workers each year—and it looks like the matter may not be resolved until next month. Meanwhile, other braincells were wasted with passage in the House of a bill that would allow the US to sue OPEC for high prices.
Isn’t that just typical of good ol’ American arrogance?

Hey Congress—how about making it easier to find, produce, and process domestic petroleum resources, so that we’re less dependant upon foreign suppliers while we figure out the best alternative energy sources. Idiots keep shooting themselves in the foot—and reloading.

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