Thursday, May 31, 2007


NOTE: I know this space has been quiet for a few days. I have been dealing with a personal issue, about which I am planning to share with you.

It will knock your socks off.
It will make you so angry, you will want to go right out and do something about it.

My silence has been in-part for the purposes of not going nuclear about it prematurely, and in order to more fully develop the story for public consumption.

Meanwhile, in the news...Google is launching an initiative today that will challenge Microsoft for its supremacy in applications on your computer hard-drive. Google Gears will be an open-source technology for creating off-line web applications.

This follows the company’s failed attempt at cracking into the hearing aid market last year…apparently no one could take seriously a product named “Google Ears…”
Don’t even think about optometry applications...

The Financial Times lead for one story this morning:

"China and India are both planning to launch moon shots within a year in the latest sign of the two Asian powerhouses’ intensifying rivalry and growing technological prowess.
"Although both countries deny they are engaged in a 21st century re-run of the 1960s race to the moon between the cold war superpowers, their haste to launch suggests more than casual interest in the other’s progress."

Why do China and India need to go to the moon now?
It’s already been done—several times.
There’s no one there.
What’s the point?

Why not use their “growing technical prowess” to figure out how to put in some roads or power lines or running water in those countries.
What a waste of brain power, manpower, and money.

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