Monday, February 05, 2007

One-Eighty's and One Percent

A one-eighty from Ford: after building 7-million Taurus automobiles, the automaker decided to scrap the nameplate with the 2007 models.

Meanwhile, the Ford 500 isn’t doing so hot on the showroom floors.

Ford’s better idea: change the name of the Ford 500 to the Taurus.
Would anyone notice?

From the Instant Karma’s Gonna Get Ya Dept.: The cell phone company I just fired is now in hot water with the Texas State Attorney General over pass-thru fees it’s charging you now for taxes for which it has not yet been assessed.

Look at your Sprint-Nextel bill and you will see something labeled the Texas Margin Fee Reimbursement, for which the phone company is charging you 1%.

However, under the state’s new business tax—which has not yet been assessed—Sprint-Nextel will be liable for only .7% for the fee. Wonder what Sprint-Nextel is doing with the other .3% they’re charging you?

The arrogance of this business defies description on a family-oriented Radio show.

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