Thursday, February 22, 2007


What a strangely entertaining week we’ve had… Vice President Dick Cheney has publicly criticized the Democrats’ plan for Iraq…and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has complained to the White House.

Lemme get this straight: The Dem’s don’t want President George Bush to increase troop strength in Iraq in order to finish the job; so Cheney’s criticism of the Pelosi position to not fund the President’s troop requisition would seem appropriate.
But when the shoe is on the other foot, Nancy goes whining to Dad about that mean old big brother, Dick.

Then you’ve got the Hillary vs Obama smack fest…with LA music meister David Geffen weighing-in on the political equivalent of Lucy and Desi that would be king and queen of the White House again.

It all started in Maureen Dowd’s New York Times column Wednesday, in which the top fund raiser for Sen. Obama Barak’s campaign, Geffen, was quoted as saying, "Everybody in politics lies, but they [the Clintons] do it with such ease, it’s troubling.”

The return salvo was fired from the Battleship Clinton by Communications director Robert Gibbs, who pontificated about not getting “in the middle of a disagreement between the Clintons and someone who was once one of their biggest supporters.”

Then Gibbs fired the next shot, albeit a cheap one, and somewhat two-faced, noting that it’s “ironic that the Clintons had no problem with David Geffen when was raising them $18 million and sleeping…in the Lincoln bedroom.”

Aren’t you guys supposed to be on the same team? Oh, wait—I forgot—when you’re ramping up to beat up on Republicans, first you must kill and eat your own.

Quoth Gibbs: “It is also ironic that Senator Clinton lavished praise on Monday and is fully willing to accept today the support of South Carolina State Sen. Robert Ford, who said, ‘if Barack Obama were to win the nomination, he would drag down the rest of the Democratic Party because he's black.’"

That’s pretty amazing, even for a Democratic press handler—who in one breath managed to offend Sen. Obama, impugn Sen. Ford, and alienate the Black Vote from the party.
What is that, a trifecta of some sort?

Really, all the Republicans have to do right now is just keep their mouths shut until the Democratic Primaries are concluded next year.

Speaking of national love-hate relationships, there’s been another meltdown on American Idol, and this one does not involve contestants, Paula Abdul, or hotel rooms. Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell flung poo at one another during this week’s competition. Simon called Seacrest “sweetheart,” to which Ryan took offense after criticizing Cowell’s negativity towards the episode’s performers.

Oy…almost makes you want to put these people on a desert island somewhere, and let them fend for themselves.
No, wait…there already is a show like that.

Now, how about a good relationship story, and one you could make money on (without selling photos to tabloids!)

NASA recognizes the value of working with the commercial sector in the development of space suits, heat shields for spaceships, hybrid rocket motors and wants the private sector’s participation in helping develop hypersonic vehicles capable of traveling five or more times the speed of sound.
NASA has signed a letter of understanding with Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, in which should act like a booster rocket for the commercial space economy.

Somewhat appropriate for the opening week of the “Astronaut Farmer” film. Watch this story develop. I predict yet another opportunity will be created from such alliances with NASA, including the once forbidden notion of selling ad space on the sides of rocket ships.

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