Monday, February 26, 2007

Energetic Hypocrisy

Wal Mart is doubling its presence in China…and Strip clubs are coming into vogue on Wall Street…should come as no surprise…Wall Street bonuses have been obscene for years.

Vice President Dick Cheney may have been the target of a homicide bomber in Afghanistan…obviously, the VP wasn’t bird hunting at the time.

Clean Tech is the next buzz word for technology that burns or produces low-emission or emission-free energy…and the next hotbed for validating those technologies is on the banks of the Colorado River in Travis County…Austin, Texas.

And this note is not surprising—in fact, I expected it sooner or later: Al Gore’s house uses 20-times more energy than the average American household.

That inconvenient truth is being revealed by the Tennessee Center for Policy Research, which reported the 20-room Gore mansion burned through over 221,000 kilowatt-hours last year…the average American home only uses about 10,600 kwh/year. By way of full-disclosure, The Clanton Crib last year used 28,707 kw/h in 2006.

Maybe they should have given Mr. Gore a gold statue for hypocrisy Sunday night.

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