Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Are Things as They Appear?

Things aren’t always as they seem.
That’s a simple enough statement…and it’s a perfect example of the statement it makes (is that something like a circuitous argument?)

Things aren’t always as they seem?
Just by adding different punctuation, different nuance to the sentence, the entire implied meaning is altered.

Things aren’t always as they seem!
Three identical sentences; three very different meanings.

Spinning the tale of the tape on Wall Street isn’t always what it seems, either. For starters, there is no tape—it’s electronic.

Secondly, how the various indexes behave on any given day—and the very different explanations that are given for that behavior—do not necessarily mean anyone has a clue for what really caused those results.

Thirdly, you must now include in your understanding of market behavior a wider array of pressures, forces, and emotions from all around the world in order to achieve an accurate perspective.

The price of oil reacts to Tehran and a pipeline rupture in Europe…gold goes up…the market takes a dive.
But is that all that’s really going on?

Mortgage loan numbers are off, interest rates are flat, and housing numbers seem bleak. Why, then, are investment bankers and mortgage brokers spending more of last year’s bonuses than they’re saving?
Do they know something you don’t?

It is fascinating to watch investor behavior.
It is telling to watch how investors react to situations they understand…and even more so, those which they do not understand.
It is absolutely vital for you to understand why they do so, in order to not replicate their mistakes.

For the past 2-years The Biz Radio Network has brought you a slice of programming you can’t find anywhere else on the dial in any other cities in America, except Houston, Ft. Worth and Dallas.
Actionable information.
Insiteful guests not available elsewhere.
And a way of doing Radio that detractors pooh-poohed and predicted would never last.

Well, here we are, still going strong, making plans to enter our third major market (Chicago) later in the year.
What’s really going on here?
Are things as they appear at The BizRadio Network?

I assure you they are—and more.
Because as we each day deliver the “business news and information you can use to grow financially healthy, wealthy, and wise,” we are adding another layer on our firm footing of facts. We are creating a legacy for each of you who listen and learn and apply and make money because you listen to us.

While other stations are honking their horns about their ratings, or giving away taxable trips, cars, or cash to bribe your ear for an extra quarter-hour of listening time, we’re very quietly, very steadily, very truthfully, simply telling you how you can make so much money you won’t care if you never ever win anything again for as long as you live…because you can buy any trip, any car, any thing you want.

By listening to The BizRadio Network you can build fortunes to support yourself in your waning years, or build bridges in impoverished countries for a better way of life. Your wealth can fund scholarships and research into cures for cancer…or simply enable you to better protect and provide for the one’s you love.

They said we’d never last.
They said no one would listen.
They say we don’t get it…and I am telling you, as we approach our 25th month of operation, that not only do BizRadio listeners “get it,” they get more than most.

Because things aren’t always as they seem.
And that’s why there’s Biz Radio.

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