Friday, February 02, 2007

An Exxollent Year

(Dallas) Exxon Mobil made more money last year than some emerging nations’ GDP. The Big Oil business that politicians love to hate reported a profit of $39.5-billion for 2006, which set a record for corporate earnings for any company anywhere for all time.
Only in America.

I think that’s terrific. If you’re invested in Exxon stock, you’re with a winner.

Exxon does important, vital work, for our nation, and does so in some parts of the world where the commute can include dodging bullets, bombs, and the risk of being kidnapped or killed.

Too bad the profits Exxon has earned are considered windfalls. Did you know that Exxon paid more in taxes last year than the company earned? And do you also realize that Exxon only keeps about a dime for every dollar it makes in the quest to slake the national thirst for oil?

I am still astounded that the government of the greatest power on earth, which makes possible the achievement of goals and fulfillment of dreams of success, still deems it acceptable to slap down corporations perceived to be doing a little too well in their business.

The ability of American businesses to achieve, create and grow is limitless…which is a good thing, since our government tends to want to penalize harshest the companies that do best.

Can you imagine what the US GDP might be were the American Government just a little less parasitical…a little less hypocritical…in the levies it imposes?

Just a thought…

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