Thursday, September 07, 2006

Path to Patronization

Does the request by congressional Democrats for ABC/Disney to pull Monday’s planned telecast of “The Path to 9-Eleven,” amount to censorship?

The crux of the mini series, which is based upon the 9/11 Commission report, seems to indicate the Clinton White House was too preoccupied with the escapades of the Commander-in-Chief with one of his interns to effectively recognize and deal with Islamic militants. It’s been called a work of fiction by some…but to be fair, both Democrats and Republicans have howled when kicked by the 9/11 Commission report.

Former New Jersey Gov. Thomas Kean, who chaired the 9/11 commission, and served as a consultant for the miniseries, says the production is politically balanced.

ABC says “The Path to 9/11” is not a documentary but a dramatization drawn from the official 9/11 Commission report, personal interviews and other materials. By the same litmus test, Roger Moore’s creations have been deemed award-winning. Perhaps what we're witnessing is the creation of a path to political patronization. Wouldn't be the first time--remember the mini-series about the Reagan's?

"Path to 9/11" is a Disney dramatization of the history leading up to the most upsetting and life-changing moment in modern history, and it’s also part of the Fall TV marketing extravaganza by the networks; consider the source.

I think it’s pretty telling to notice which dogs are yelping loudest.

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