Monday, September 18, 2006

Aim for the Stars

Anousheh Ansari is in orbit this hour after blasting off from a Russian launch pad, headed for the international space station. Ansari is an American of Iranian descent, and is the first female space tourist…

Meanwhile, Iran is still in the crosshairs as a potential target of military action to staunch its nuclear program. Time Magazine’s cover story this week details how the US might initiate action against Tehran… Great job, fellas. All they have to do is read the article.

Ansari might have been a more fitting cover story subject. She came to this country after the Islamic revolution, at the age of 16…taught herself English, and met her husband while working for MCI. They pooled their credit cards to start a telecom company, which they sold to Sonus for about a half-billion dollars.

Today she’s in orbit. Not bad for an immigrant.

During the first break in this morning’s show we received a call from a listener who wanted to know why we didn’t mention the dark side to the Ansari story, as there have been allegations made of insider trading before the sale to Sonus.

I chose to not connect the two.

The point I wanted to make is that if we work hard, if we work smartly, if we prepare properly, when an opportunity presents itself, we can accomplish our dreams.

We all have the right to fail, to make mistakes.
We also have the right to rise above and overcome any setback that might deter us.

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