Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Five Years and A Day

Are you 9-Elevened-out?
I don’t mean that disrespectfully.
Yesterday was an emotionally draining day, from the multiple observances (imagine how the President and First Lady must’ve felt after visiting all three crash sites in one day) to the mocku- docu- shock-u-mentaries on the network.

I’ll tell you what was exhausting, was trying to read between the lines of some of the stories to determine if there was a political agenda being promoted in some of the depictions.

The President’s address last night was…just right.
It was his bully pulpit to command, but he was not overbearing. If you still do not believe that a "difficult road" still lies ahead in the global war on terror, you are deluding yourself.

We’re dealing with a different enemy which swears no allegiance to any country, wears no uniform of any alliance, and cares not for even self-preservation in the face of conflict. This war will not, as the President stated, “be over until either we or the extremists emerge victorious."

Like a marathoner after a well-run race, or even a soul-cleansing worship service that purges the impurities from the spiritual system, the mental fatigue you may be feeling this morning is a healthy ache within our collective psyches that tells us the remembrances were good for us as individuals, and good for us as a nation.

God Bless America…now, let’s live our lives in honor and respect for those who gave theirs five years ago yesterday.

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