Monday, September 25, 2006

Global Smarming

Don’t know if you noticed or not but they say the earth is the warmest it’s ever been in a million years.

How do they know that?
Were they around a million years ago?
Who are they who say this?
Why don’t they have anything better to do?

Don’t they know their assumption is ludicrous, because
a.) no one was around a million years ago to check the thermostat…
b.) the first crude thermometers weren’t even invented until Galileo’s liquid thermometer in 1592, and Fahrenheit’s mercury thermometer didn’t pop up until 1714…

So this "hottest we’ve been in a million years" garbage is really a bunch of hot air. I believe instead we're witnessing the result of more accurate measurements than have ever been registered before.

It's still not as hot as that Summer of 1966, when our family packed up for a vacation in a '61 VW van and blew the engine at Waelder, Texas.
Whoo-ee, that was HOT!

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