Monday, September 04, 2006

Back in the Saddle

Okay, I admit it.
I took a vacation.

After working non-stop for a year and half to gestate and birth the BizRadio Network, I took a few days off.

No work, no cell phone, no laptop. Complete isolation between personal and business worlds for a few days.

New York and Washington and Salt Lake City trips over the past year do not count, even when I was able to take my Bride along. She played, I worked. We revelled in each other's discoveries.
This was different.

For my Bride's birthday, I snuck her off to Las Vegas, and we got married all over again.

Forget the cheesy notions about Las Vegas wedding chapels--although they do exist in multiples. We took notes from our original vows, 28-years ago this year, and incorporated them into a script for our rent-a-reverend to enunciate.

I will be sharing anecdotes with you in the coming days, giving you my observations and drawning conclusions from places we went, things we saw, and people we met in 'Vegas.

My special thanks to Vince Rowe for starting his day several hours earlier, standing in the gap, and filling in for me while I was away.

It was good to be away.
It is better to be back home.

I'll see you in the morning on the Radio.

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