Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Wednesday's Wisdom

President George W. Bush is in Vienna for a summit with European Union leaders. Mr. Bush is pushing for more international aid for the new government of Iraq in the face of troop withdrawals from Japan and Australia, and a cacophony of calls for the same from disgruntled Democrats at home.

One thing George Bush is not is a wimp. He’s more like the Energizer Bunny, Texas style, who just keeps going globally, and going, and going…

Consumer Spending on entertainment online and wirelessly is expected to triple by 2010, to $67-billion, according to a PricewaterhouseCoopers report, and global entertainment spending will reach $1.8 trillion. Ah, there's no business like global show business...

Speaking of entertainment spending, this Fall’s round of election campaigning should be a doozy-- the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has $33.5 million socked away, vs. $18.3 million for the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Democrats raised $4.7 million last month; the Republicans collected $4.3 million.
I'm setting up Tivo now.

Last night’s 95-92 decision for the Miami Heat in Game Six of the NBA Finals in Dallas secured their place as the NBA Champions for 2006. Get your t-shirts right here. Coach Pat Reilly never had any doubt the Heat would win--he only packed one shirt and one suit for the trip to Texas.

Dallas Mav’s owner Mark Cuban’s blog is considerably toned down this morning, for a guy who was fined $250,000 for speaking his mind about how the NBA operates.
Guess the NBA never heard of the First Amendment…

One thing is clear: The NBA really needs a dose of transparency in its officiating. I recommend instant replays, and mic-ing the officials for explanations after the whistle blows.

Ironic, don’t you think, that the final game of the Finals was played in the mecca of conspiracy theorists, Dallas, Texas.

Don't like it, fine me.

Which all pales in comparison to the big story of the day yesterday…two American soldiers taken captive by al Qaeda thugs, tortured, beheaded, and their bodies rigged with home made explosives to thwart recovery teams. It took our people 12-hours to retrieve the solders' remains.

That might make you question why we’re Over There…until you realize that barbaric behavior like that is why we’re Over There. Now I understand that the Abu Ghirab incidents were really only efforts to communicate to these bastards in the only language they understand.


Wornoutmorgan said...

Interesting Wisdom, Brent. I was unaware of any Australian troop withdrawal.

Brent Clanton said...

Yes, Australia has about 1,300 troops in Iraq at this time.