Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Immigrating Solutions is paying for controversial anti-illegal immigration billboards in cities across the country that read “stop the invasion secure our borders.”

People; either you’re a part of the solution or you’re a part of the problem. Part of the problem in solving the immigration issue is the over-abundance of emotion being injected into the discussions.

Passion is a good thing, but so is rationale, and Grassfire’s self-directed PR campaign does nothing but fan the flames in an already incendiary area.
Grassfire offers no solutions…so it becomes part of the problem.

Meanwhile, President George Bush said illegal immigrants who want to stay here should learn English and demonstrate that they are committed to assimilating into American culture.
The President wants strict border enforcement with compassionate treatment for newcomers. That's how things are done in Texas. Little dash of common sense, with a spritz of hospitality.

The Washington Post quoted President Bush as saying immigrants should know there is a legal way to stay, if they are willing to make the effort: "One is to say you got to pay a fine for being here illegally. You got to learn the English language. In other words, you got to repay a debt to society and learn the skills necessary to assimilate into our society. Show us you've been working hard."

Gets back to the solution or the problem equation. Learning English puts you squarely in the camp of the problem solvers…and provides immigrants a much better chance for success as new Americans.

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