Monday, June 19, 2006

Monday Meandering

Nestlé will pay about $600 million for Jenny Craig, the weight-loss company…which should make for strange bedfellows…Here’s the bet: we'll will continue our Quixotic quest to lose weight via prepackaged meals and motivational workshops, while fighting an escalating, national obesity epidemic. And then we’ll all go out for ice cream…

Who blinked in Dallas?

There appears to be a compromise in the wind for the Wright Amendment…as the Dallas Morning News astutely observed, the work-out is a combination of a changing of the minds, a changing of the times and a changing of the guard.

Speaking of Big-D...Dallas is down one game in the NBA Finals after Miami’s 101-100 overtime squeaker last night put them in the series lead, 3 games to 2…but the next two games are scheduled for Dallas, where the Mav’s home court advantage is statistically advantageous…no NBA Playoff teams have lost the final two games on their home courts.

Just when you thought it was safe to turn on the TV, there’s now an official conspiracy to unravel the mysteries of Mayberry RFD, complete with an Ovaltine Decoder Ring, a single bullet, and rumors that Barney Fife fathered a child.

Welcome to Monday.

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