Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tuesday's Short Takes

Flood warnings are still in effect for the Texas Gulf Coast…Houston was hit with a foot of rain yesterday, and more is on the way today, although most of this system is moving to the southwest towards Corpus

In Dallas, tonight’s a make or break date for the Mavericks, heading into game six of the NBA Finals trailing the Miami Heat 3 games to 2. Tip off 8pm.

Seen Dan Rather lately on CBS?
Didn’t think so. Although he’s listed as a Full Time Correspondent for the network’s 60-Minutes program, he hasn’t been used in months…Today is expected to be Rather’s last as an employee of CBS, moving on to more fertile pastures.
Could he be going to work for Mark Cuban?

CNN reports this morning that if the Presidential Elections were held today, Sen. Hillary Clinton would not win the popular vote. 47% of respondents would vote neither for Senator Clinton or presidential wannabe John Kerry.

48% would not cast their ballot for former Veep Al Gore, who said he’s not running anyway. This week.
Or until Hell freezes over…or thaws…depending upon the thermal theory de jour.

Don’t gloat.
If Presidential sibling Jeb Bush were running, 63% would save their vote for someone else.

That’s if you ask folks for whom folks would not vote for. Ask the question from the other direction, “for whom would you vote?” and the numbers change: Hillary leads with a 22% rating, followed by former New York Gov. Rudi Giuliani at 19%. John Kerry would capture 14% of the popular vote, followed by Senator John McCain at 12% and Gov. Bush with a 9% share.

Good thing the elections are two years away.
Some people have their work cut out for them.

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