Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Tuesday's Tales

I spent most of last evening on the phone to Tech Support at Sprint Nextel, trying to resurrect my less-than one year old cell phone from its cranial slumber. Today I will take said cell phone to the closest Sprint Nextel authorized repair facility and barter my first born in exchange for another instrument.

He's been wanting to get his own place anyway...

Could have been worse…have you seen the video clip of the Comcast repairman that showed up at a guy’s house to repair his internet service—and fell asleep on the customer’ couch?!

Turns out the cable guy had called his tech support...and drifted off while he was on hold for repair instructions.

Lots of rain in Washington, D.C. the past few days. Some government buildings have been flooded, including the HQ for the Environmental Protection Agency, ironically, needing protection from the environment.

The fraud and financial bungles involving aid to last summer’s hurricane victims exceeds 2-billion dollars according to an audit by the Government Accountability Office. The GAO estimates that perhaps as much as 21% of the $6.3 billion given directly to victims might have been improperly distributed.
Hmmm, yuh think?
10,000 mobile homes ordered by FEMA and never used now sit at an airfield in Hope, Arkansas, where FEMA is now paying $250,000 a month to store them.

Home sales last month befuddled official number crunchers… The Commerce Department says sales of new single-family homes increased by 4.6% last month to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1.234 million units.
Wall Street had been expecting a 4% drop in sales.
I want to know who on Wall Street missed that one by 180-degrees.
Did he or she formerly work for the Department of Energy, estimating fuel inventories?

The median price of new homes dropped to $235,000 in May, down 4.3% from last month's sales price. However, May's price was ahead 3.1% from the median price of $229,200 in May of last year.
Cable is extra.

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CowsMowMyGrass said...

Your saga with Sprint is all too familiar. If interested, I will share my 2 year long saga against Sprint. All because my employer got me a little discaount at sign-up. No more Sprint for me - after I get out of my current contract.